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Alfalfa Herb - 100g

Alfalfa Herb - 100g


Buy your Alfalfa Herb as Natural Focus, This package is 100g

Alfalfa is a perennial plant considered to be one of the most mineral-rich foods. Often called a superfood, Alfalfa is abundant in vitamins and chlorophyll. A member of the Pea family Fabaceae, it is often used for feeding animals due to its high nutritional value. This deeply rooting nitrogen-fixing herb can resemble clover with its trifoliate leaves. The violet flowers produce spiraling seed pods.

Currently, there are 200-300,000 acres of Alfalfa planted in Egypt, and acreage is rising each year.

Did you know that Egypt has a rich diversity of bees? There are at least 36 species of bees that forage on Alfalfa and Clover.

Alfalfa has an important role in farming as a forage crop. Growing has been increased after the expansion in the cultivation of the reclaimed desert in Egypt.

Westpoint’s Alfalfa Herb has a light green colour, with a leafy, slightly sweet aroma and bitter, somewhat sweet taste. It is commonly consumed as a tea and combines well with other herbs, especially mint, and nettle.