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Josephs Tortillas - 255g

Josephs Tortillas - 255g


Joseph's Middle East Bakery low carb Tortillas, 255g (6 tortillas). Flax, oat bran & whole wheat flour. Excellent source of Omega-3. Cholesterol free, high protein. No trans fats, no tropical oils, no saturated fats. Only 8g net carbs per 42g serving. Suitable for low carb dieters, low glycemic dieters, diabetics and anybody wanting to eat healthier. Kosher certified (KVH). Can be frozen on receipt, or will keep in a dry place for at least 2-3 weeks.

INGREDIENTS: Water, wheat, gluten, corn starch, flax, oat fibre, enriched wheat flour, corn flour, flax, soy oil, corn starch, soy flour, oat bran, isolated soy protein, defated soy flour, salt, calcium sulphate, sesame flour, sodium acid pyrophosphate, calcium propionate (preservative), fumaric acid, dextrose, sodium bicarbonate, monoglycerides, hydrogenated soybean oil, sodium metabisulphite, potassium sorbate, ascorbic acid with tricalcium phosphate, sodium aluminium phosphate, citric acid, enzymes.

ALLERGENS: Contains wheat, gluten and soy.

NUTRITION INFORMATION per serving (one 42g tortilla, packet contains 6 servings): 80 calories, Fat 2.5g of which saturates zero, trans fat zero, Cholesterol zero, Sodium 380mg, Carbohydrate 12g of which dietary fibre 4g, sugars 1g, giving "net carbs" of only 8g, Protein 7g. Contains iron.