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Natural Factors Hawthorn Phytosome® 60 Caps

Hawthorn (Crataegus oxyacantha) phytosome combines standardized hawthorn extract with phosphatidylcholine to improve hawthorne absorption, increase its biological activity delivering its benefits directly to the heart muscle. Author and naturopath, Dr. Mark Stengler, comments on the benefits of hawthorn, "I have seen phenomenal results with my patients using Hawthorn - from high blood pressure to heart disease. It is the number one herb for the cardiovascular system." Hawthorn increases the ability of the heart muscle to contract, making the heart a more efficient pump. It increases coronary blood flow and reduces peripheral vascular resistance, helping the blood to circulate to the extremities. Hawthorn's flavonoids, particularly the procyanidines, help to quench free radicals. Some herbalists also recommend hawthorn for restlessness and insomnia. Phytosomes are herbal substances that are combined with phosphatidylcholine molecules to enhance absorption and bioavailability. This molecule is both water- and fat-soluble taking absorption and bioavailability to another level. Hawthorn is extremely safe. Europeans have used hawthorn prophylactically for many years as a cardiotonic, to maintain healthy heart function before problems even begin. However, we caution that anyone suspecting heart disease should not self-medicate but be thoroughly checked out by a qualified health care practitioner before using hawthorn. Regarding hawthorn, The German Commission E mentions no known contraindications, side effects or interactions with other drugs, and recommends that hawthorn be taken for a minimum of 6 weeks.