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Orange Naturals Immune Health 100ml Tincture

Orange Naturals Immune Health 100ml Tincture


An herbal combo to support the immune system.

Sick a lot? Strengthen your natural defenses with Immune Health – a blend of traditional Chinese herbs used to strengthen the immune system.

Immune Health combines astragalus, siberian ginseng, codonopsis, reishi, schisandra, and andrographis. Astragalus is an extraordinary root used to strengthen your body’s resistance to disease over a long period of time and in traditional Chinese medicine, it is for keeping the lungs healthy. Codonopsis and siberian ginseng are widely used Chinese herbs as superb immune tonics. Reishi is rich in immune stimulating polysaccharides, which are beneficial to every one. Schisandra is an adaptogen and a wonderful herb for boosting the immune system.