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Organic Triticale Flakes - 400g

Organic Triticale Flakes - 400g



Description: Triticale, an extremely nutritious hybrid of wheat and rye, contains more protein and less gluten than wheat. The word 'triticale' is a fusion of the Latin words triticum (wheat) and secale (rye). Triticale has a somewhat nutty flavour that blends the taste of both grains. Organic Triticale Flakes is a non-GMO product, made from organic triticale that has been tempered, toasted, rolled, dried and cooled. Products made with triticale resemble those made with wheat in their flavour, texture, and colour.

Directions: Stir 1/3 cup flakes into 1 cup water. Bring to a boil and stir frequently for 5 minutes. Add fruit, milk, or sweetening as desired.

Storage: Product should be stored in clean, dry place that is free from infestation and rodents, at temperatures not exceeding 60˚F and 60% RH. Shelf life is 9 months under proper storage conditions.

Allergens: Contains: Triticale


Calories 320 -
Fat 1.5 g 2%
Saturated 0 g 0%
+Trans 0 g %
Cholesterol 0 mg -
Sodium 0 mg 0%
Carbohydrate 71 g 24%
Fibre 13 g 51%
Sugars 0 g -
Protein 13 g -
Vitamin A - 0%
Vitamin C - 20%
Calcium - 2%
Iron - 35%