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Slivered Blanched Almonds - 200g

Slivered Blanched Almonds - 200g


Description: Almonds are the delicately-flavoured, buttery-textured seed of the almond tree. These almonds are blanched, which involves boiling the almonds briefly and then shocking them with cold water, which causes the skins to become loose and easy to remove. The almonds are then cut into slivers. This product is steam pasteurized.

Uses: Slivered blanched almonds make a tasty and attractive garnish for ice cream, salad, cakes, cookies, and other baked goods. They are also a good choice for stir-fry or grain dishes like couscous, as the slivers toast quickly and hold their shape without breaking.

Storage: Product should be stored in a dry, cool place away from heat and light. The recommended storage temperature is between 35-45°F, with a relative humidity of 65%, for an estimated shelf life of 6 months.

Allergens: Contains: Almonds


Calories 600 -
Fat 50 g 77%
Saturated 3.5 g 17%
+Trans 0 g %
Cholesterol 0 mg -
Sodium 0 mg 0%
Carbohydrate 20 g 7%
Fibre 10 g 40%
Sugars 3 g -
Protein 23 g -
Vitamin A - 0%
Vitamin C - 0%
Calcium - 25%
Iron - 25%