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Unrefined fine Sea Salt - 200g

Unrefined fine Sea Salt - 200g


Description: Our Unrefined Fine Sea Salt is obtained through the evaporation of seawater by the wind and the sun. It is hand-harvested from the clay-bottom pans of salt marshes, giving it a natural grey colour. The salt is then simply dried and finely ground. Salt in its natural form is referred to as unrefined, hence contains larger amounts of minerals and natural elements. It has a pleasing natural taste and contains none of the harsh overtones found in any processed salt.

Uses: Unrefined Fine Sea Salt can be used for your everyday seasoning. Serve it in a bowl with a small spoon or season with pinches instead of shakes. If a shaker is to be used, it should have large holes and be non-metallic. Use about one-third less than the recipe indicates or salt to taste.

Storage: When stored in a cool, dry location, unrefined sea salt should last indefinitely.