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Dr. Aleena Elsa Reji, BAMS,  Ayurvedic Consultant.

Food is one among the basic necessity of all living beings. Variations in quality and quantity of food or incompatible food leads to the manifestation of indigestion. According to Indian System of Medicine, it is mentioned that:

रोगाः सर्वाे अपि मन्दाग्नौ सुतराम्  उदराणि च |  
(Rogaaha sarve api mandagnau sutaram udaraani cha)
अजीर्णात् मलिनैः च अन्नैः जायन्ते मलसंचयात्  ||
(Ajeernaat malinaihi cha annaihi jaayante malasanchayaat)

           Ref: Ashtanga Hridaya Nidanam 12th chapter)

 This means that, all the diseases are manifested due to the disturbance of Agni (metabolism) unless proven by otherwise. The main causes of Mandagni (sluggish digestion/ low metabolism) are Ajeera (indigestion), Malinaahara (contaminated/ incompatible food) and Mala sanchaya (accumulation of unwanted wastes in the body either in the gut or in the body cells).

 In general, we can conclude that low metabolism (agnimandhya) leads to indigestion (ajeera) which in turn leads to accumulation of unwanted toxic wastes (ama). Due to the sticky nature (of ama), it gets stuck to the body tissues either in the gut (stomach) or other cells and blocks the channels of circulation thereby produces a wide range of diseases related to the body and mind.

Therefore, correcting and balancing the metabolic errors and bringing the agni (digestive power) to normalcy are one among the basic line of treatment of diseases. A good digestion is the key factor to attain good health and immunity. Here lies the importance of knowing whether our digestion is proper or not.

The signs and symptoms of proper digestion are
    •    Pure belching (which is clear and free off any taste or smell of food)
    •    More energetic, enthusiastic or spirited
    •    Proper and timely evacuation of bowel (motion) and bladder (urine)
    •    Lightness of the body
    •    Manifestation of hunger and thirst in the proper time

For healthy digestion you can use the following after consulting an Ayurvedic doctor:
    •    Ginger powder
    •    Trikatu powder
    •    Hinguvastak powder
    •    Triphala powder

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