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Burdock Root - 100g

Burdock Root - 100g


Buy your Burdock Root at Natural Focus, This package is 100g

If you’ve ever finished a hike with small burrs attached to your shoes and ankles, you can assume that burdock is the culprit.

Burdock is a large weed that can grow over 4 feet tall, but its root is the real prize. Burdock root is a stout, course tube like vegetable that contains the starch inulin. Inulin is a type of dietary fibre that can be digested easily by the body

Burdock root, called “Gobo Root” in Japanese cooking, tastes like a cross between a potato and a celery. This versatile vegetable can be prepared in many ways from pickling, steaming to stir-frying. This is why it is so popular amongst Northern Asian cuisine.

Originating in North Asia and Europe, burdock can now be found growing in many parts of North America. In traditional Chinese medicine, burdock is hailed for its skin cleaning and smoothing properties. It is also commonly found in hair and beauty products.