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Coarse Himalayan Rock Salt - 400g

Coarse Himalayan Rock Salt - 400g


Description: This mineral rock salt contains a variety of natural minerals, including the iron oxide that gives its signature pink colouration. The Himalayan Pink Salt is harvested from the salt mines 200 km from the foot of the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan. The factory has a strict separation of salt processed for food applications and decorative applications. The chunks of mined salt are washed and dried in the sun, then gently grounded to specific sizes (coarse, medium, fine).

Ingredients: Himalayan rock salt.

Uses: Himalayan rock salt can be used in any recipe that requires coarse salt. For baking or table use, the coarse salt should be used with a grinder or mortar and pestle. The striking pink colour also makes it an attractive addition to bath salts and salt blends.

Storage: When stored in a cool, dry location, mineral rock salt should last indefinitely.