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Thieve Oil - 30ml


Thieve Oil - 30ml


Traditional Thieves Oil - Marseille's Remedy is a traditional Thieves Oil blend that has been in use around the world for hundreds of years.


Apply to hands and feet to sanitize, boost and immune system, and prevent sickness infection.
Diffuse and breathe vapors to help fight sickness and clear air of pathogens.
Using a cotton swab, dab a very small amount on acne and boils to relieve inflammation and fight infection.
Mix with soapy water to clean sanitize and eliminate mold.
Mix with carrier oil and apply to wood surfaces in household

Syzgium Aromaticum (organic clove essential oil), Citrus Limon (organic lemon essential oil), Cinnamoomum Verum (organic cinnamon bark essential oil), Eucalyptus Polybractea (organic blue mallee eucalyptus essential oil), Rosimarinus Officinalis (organic rosemary essential oil)