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Unsulphured Crystallized Ginger Chunks - 200g

Unsulphured Crystallized Ginger Chunks - 200g


Decription: Crystallized ginger is ginger root that has been preserved in sugar, making the product tastier and easier to consume. The dehydrated ginger is prepared from sound, mature, fresh ginger which has been peeled and cut to desired shape (Chunks or Slices). The ginger is then processed by hot air dehydration. This product is light yellow to brown in colour and has a distinct sweet-spicy flavour.

Ingredients: Ginger, cane sugar.

Uses: Although crystallized ginger can be eaten as is, many consumers enjoy using it as an ingredient in baked goods or even in a warm drink. To use ginger in a hot beverage, add 1 ounce to a cup of hot water or tea. If this does not melt the ginger, heat the ginger in a small saucepan and add the syrup to a cup of tea.

Storage: Cool, dry storage between 55-70˚F is recommended for a shelf life of 1 year.


Calories 360 -
Fat 0 g 0%
Saturated 0 g 0%
+Trans 0 g %
Cholesterol 0 mg -
Sodium 45 mg 2%
Carbohydrate 88 g 29%
Fibre 3 g 11%
Sugars 77 g -
Protein 0 g -
Vitamin A - 0%
Vitamin C - 0%
Calcium - 10%
Iron - 8%