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Does Enerex sensational have any side effects?

No negative side-effects other than expect mild Niacin Flushing due to its Niacin content.

What are the benefits of Enerex Greens?

  • Quick absorption due to grass JUICE powder ingredients
  • Quick Energy
  • Quick digestion
  • Certified Organic ingredients
  • Acceptable for people with diabetic issues
  • Contains human strain probiotics
  • Sourced and manufactured entirely from North American farms and suppliers
  • Industry recognized and multi-award winner

Is Enerex Serrapeptase enteric coated?

Serrapeptase is encapsulated using VEGETARIAN DR Caps which are the newest and most advanced capsule technology out of the USA. DR caps work the same as an Enteric coated capsule MINUS the Phthalates which are known to be hormone-altering.

Are there any side effects for Enerex Serrapeptase, especially on your liver?

Health Canada has not given any warnings or recommendations or limits with respect to liver conditions and Serrapeptase other than to say to consult with a physician for suitability prior to use, a standard comment with respect to any supplement.

Do you have testimonials or reviews to share about a success story?

Countless! Read more here.

What are the benefits of taking Enerex Serrapeptase?

It's an anti-inflammatory with no known side-effects, reduces swelling, and eliminates pain to a great degree. It works like an NSAID but without the negative side-effects that come with prolonged use of NSAIDs. There are secondary benefits that go beyond Health Canada issued license which we are not allowed to claim but are very well documented on the internet including improving circulation and clearing of the arteries, again consumer-led research on internet is advisable.

Can you share a testimonial about Enerex Satisfaction?

"God knows how many times I looked for and tried products that promise great sex. But this one really did the job for me. The pills made me feel the butterflies in my stomach and made my skin tingle like I was 16 years old. The best partner feels better than I do with this new introduction. Way to go Enerex!!!!" - E.M., December 2020

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