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Salus Haus – Purity From “Seed To Bottle”

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For over 100 years, Salus has been creating products that define excellence. Whether it is the global best-selling iron supplement Floradix or the children’s multivitamin Kindervital, you can be sure that you are getting the very best product possible for your health. 

With top quality in mind, Salus believes in a “seed to bottle” approach, which means from start to finish. Salus takes care to make sure that everything that goes into each product can be traced back to its origins. This approach allows Salus to maintain the highest standard for quality and efficacy. Many of the raw materials are organically grown, mainly in Germany, Europe, and in a few cases South America (Salus owns an organic farm in Chile). The cultivation periods are monitored, influenced, and traced seamlessly from start to finish. 

As important as what goes into the product is the impact Salus products have on our environment. There is great care taken to ensure that the impact of growing, manufacturing, and packaging minimizes or negates the environmental footprint. For example, Salus is familiar with the environmental factors at cultivation sites and can thus consider them specifically. It is particularly important for Salus to ensure their high-quality standards for cultivation are implemented and met. Salus uses organic products wherever possible as a matter of principle and does not use materials from genetically-modified sources. Because Salus gives preference to organic raw materials from certified wild harvesting, this minimizes the negative effects on the environment caused by agriculture, such as the over-fertilization of soil, pesticide load, and groundwater pollution.

Salus is continually reducing its carbon footprint in its facilities. A few impactful examples of this are:

  • 100% Recyclable Packaging Material
  • 100% Natural Cooling Systems
  • 100% Renewable Solar Power
  • No Artificial Ingredients Or Chemicals
  • No Genetically Modified Organisms Used
  • Use Of Organic Materials Where Possible
  • Continually Reducing Water Consumption
  • Involved In Significant Nature Preservation Projects

For Salus, environmental protection has always been at the forefront of their values. The most important prerequisite for this is the preservation and respectful use of our environment. That is why Salus strives to continuously improve their products and to design production and monitoring processes that avoid pollution as much as possible.

To learn more detail about Salus’ environmental initiatives, click here.

Salus products are not only an excellent choice for your health, but an excellent choice for the environment.

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